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I managed to get Spotify to register on sync but tbh I don't really see the point as you can just play it over bluetooth minus the voice control of cos but it never seems to do as I want to to anyway lol

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On Sync homescreen there is somewhere which should say Mobile Apps - your phone needs to be plugged in via USB. Theres really no point as you can play over bluetooth. really sounds better than what it is.

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This is how I did it with a Samsung s4 (android)

1) connect to the car via bluetooth

2) look for the button "menu" and press it, on my car its on the right above the number pad

3) in the menu look for a entry called "sync apps"

4) enter the sync apps option and it should search for compatible apps

Before connecting your phone you need to ensure you first have sync compatible apps on your phone, for example Spotify.

But as the poster above stated your just as well using bluetooth with Spotify. The controls on the steering wheel (next/prev track) still work anyway regardless of if your using sync app or not. The only plus is the added voice command which is useless anyway.

If you have a iPhone I believe you have to use the USB port instead and the app has to be running on your phone before you connect to the car rendering it even more useless for iPhone users (if you wanted to use another sync enabled app for example, you would first have to open the app on your phone!).

Edit: you may also find this link useful http://www.ford.co.uk/OwnerServices/SYNC-and-Bluetooth-Support/SYNC-with-app-link

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