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Where Has All The Engine Oil Disappeared To???


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My car engine oil is low but i had it serviced beginning of this year with the fully synthetic type oil 4500 miles later 2/3 of the engine oil gone. For the first few weeks i use to check the level and it was always full. The car doesnt spew out white smoke only when its cold but not too much until it warms up.

Is this normal or should i be worried and what can i do to check if everything all right.


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You should check your oil level more frequently. Fill it up and make sure that when you check it, the car is on level ground. There can be a difference between hot and cold so make sure you always check when in the same condition.

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I *think* it's blue smoke you need to watch for if its excessively burning oil. Excessive white smoke indicates water being used in combustion and can point to head gasket failure. Some at start up when cold is normal though.

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