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2005 1.6 Focus Ghia Problem


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Hi all,

I have been referred here by someone who suggested that I would find a solution to my issues. I have searched the forum and the wider net to no avail.

The car I have is a pain in the !Removed!. I have so far replaced the MAF, bonnet latch, and coil pack. I still need to do the front left CV joint. But to my main problem.

The car has the red frost sign on the dash at all times, the analogue temperature gauge usually does not go above the lowest mark and when it does it doesn't go up very far, and the digital temperature guage does not read anything (it displays --:--). I have bought a thermostat but not installed it yet. It may fix the analogue problem but I dont understand what exactly is wrong with the digital display or where exactly this sensor gets it info from.

Any help would be great,



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Thanks for the suggestions guys.

I tried the fuse box but it didnt do anything.

I changed the thermostat and now the analouge gauge comes up to halfway and seems to function properly. The thermostat was broken. The frost symbol went from red to orange. I still need to replace the external temp sensor.

Now the cooling fan is on full blast all of the time once the car is warmed up and stays on (and is very very loud) for about 10 min after the car has been turned off. I suspect another temperature sensor, maybe head or coolant.

Also, is there a aux belt tensioner? If not Ford could be in the running for the worst designed belt system in automotive history.

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