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Questions About Sorn, Selling Car, Mot And Charging Battery


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I am potentially selling a my old focus but I have a few random questions

I need to put the battery on charge over night as it isnt starting and needs a good charge rather than just boosting.

My question is if i remove the battery to bring it in the house to charge over night, will i still be able to lock the car up with no battery in it?

Next question is, I mot'd the car in december, but shortly after decared it as sorn in january. I can check online on the gov website and it states that the car is sorn and that the mot runs out in dec 2015. If i sell the car, how do i un'sorn it, and will the mot still he valid for the new owner?

Last question is, as the car is sorn, it has no insurance and isnt taxed. The person potentially buying it claims they have a traders insurance policy and has the revelant documents to say so.

They say that they are therefor allowed to test drive it on the road without it being taxed and without me being insured on it myself. Is this correct? As i obviously dont want to go and let them test drive it if they are not insured to do so.

Speedy replies will be apreciated

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1)To lock car with no battery, just lock each door individually.

2)To un-sorn the car, just tax it, although the new owner will have to tax it anyway because road tax expires as soon as car is sold.

3)MOT is still valid

4) Traders insurance will cover them, but they would need to display a trade plate if car has no tax (could be wrong).

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Just to clarify, the new owner will not need to MOT it when they buy it as the current MOT will still be valid even after it has been declared SORN?

And if the potential new owner does have a traders policy but does not have trade plates, DO NOT let them test drive it?

If they do have trade plates then they are fine to test drive it?

What documentation should they have to prove the traders policy that I need to check?

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If the car was still taxed they could test drive it without trade plates whilst you are in it too.

An unaccompanied drive needs trade plates as they cover for tax only.

An accompanied test drive without tax requires trade plates.

Trade plates can only be used during trading hours (e.g. not at 11pm on a sunday).

The driver must have insurance of their own and are covered in your car third party only.

They can't stop at shops etc while on trade plates (except for fuel) ,are restricted to 50mph and are only allowed driver and owner in the vehicle (no extra passengers) .

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Yup thats all just as I thought.

Some info on the gov website is bit misleading as it states after removing a sorn it will need mot'ing again.

How would I actually go about taxing it again as the current owner without a tax reminder?

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Also make sure it is a Traders policy with the name of the business on the cover note, if its a private policy insured to drive other vehicles they won't be covered if you don't have insurance on your car in your name too, your car needs to be insured in its own right for other peoples policies to cover them...... If that makes sense lol.

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