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Focus 1.6Tdci Turbo Failure (Again)


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Last week my turbo failed due to oil starvation. I replaced it with a brand new item, replaced the pipes, pick up feed and cleaned out the sump.

Then yesterday I heard the same whirring noise coming from the engine. On inspection I found that this turbo had also failed.

I am so fed up with throwing money and time at this car. I'm tempted to just scrap it, but as a last chance for the car I had a thought...

Can the turbo be blanked off? I know it will seriously lack power but i don't care about that.

If it can be done I would imagine it is fairly straight forward to do.

Any idea's?

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not sure about the physical side but the electronics side is going to be a monumental headache.

Probably best case the car is left in limp mode Whilst the ECU has a fit over its air supply.

Physically you cant blank it off, both air and exhaust go in and out of it so you would need to bypass it.

lot of work to make a car run like crap in my opinion!

i pulled this from a reseller of new turbos, sounds a pig of a job to get right!

1.  Remove the engine sump and check oil pump pick up strainer, oil pump, and all oil galleries for carbon contamination

2.If heavy carbon deposits are identified fit new oil pump, oil pump pick up strainer and clean all oil galleries.

3.Fit a new oil feed pipe, oil feed connectors and oil drainpipes and hoses.   4

4.Remove the gauze filter that is in the new banjo bolt that secures pipe to block.

5.Remove oil cooler and oil filter assembly and clean thoroughly. 6)Remove intercooler, pipes and hoses remove residual oil.

6.Remove the vacuum pump and check for debris/carbon deposits and clean/replace as necessary.

7.Remove the Rocker Cover/Cam Box clean all carbon and sludge deposits from the cover, breather( where fitted) and associated valve gear.

8.Check the Particulate Filter and Cat are not blocked, replace if found to be heavily contaminated with oil from the failed turbo.

9.Clean the Exhaust Gas Re-circulation Valve, induction manifold and all associated pipe work and ensure that the E.G.R. is functioning correctly.

10.A fully synthetic LOW SAPS 5w/30 oil must to be used.

11.Change engine oil after 200 miles and then every 3/ 5000 miles.

12.Ensure that the particulate filter is regenerated frequently and is not blocked. At least one 50 mile continuous journey every month.

13.Check the fuel injector gaskets are not damaged, replace as necessary.

14.Where turbo oil feed pipe bolts to engine block, blow through engine block to clear debris from the failed turbo and any carbon/sludge preferably using a cleaner before the oil pump is refitted.

15.Leave the oil feed pipe detached at the turbo end, crank the engine over without firing until clean oil is flowing from the pipe. It is convenient to catch the oil in a plastic bag or container. When clean oil is flowing connect the pipe to the turbo.

16.Check oil flow: a) Fit turbo, leave oil return pipe disconnected. B) Attach an extended oil return pipe and feed into a container. c) Start engine, idle for 60 seconds and switch off engine. d) Oil delivery should show at least 0.3 litres of oil. e) Repeat test to confirm flow is correct. f) Ensure during the test the engine is not run below minimum oil level g) Change oil and filter after 20 miles and then after 200 miles as in step

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No, the turbo can't be blanked off, non-turbo engines run completely different exhaust and intake routes, and this particular engine isn't even offered in NA form. But it doesn't matter anyway, the carbon deposits that killed the turbo are causing harm to the rest of the engine as well...

Honestly I'd cut your losses rather than try and save it now. Prevention is much better (and cheaper!) than cure with these engines unfortunately.

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yes I flushed it, I removed the sump, changed the pick up, I thought id given it a really good clean.

The injector was still leaking though which I know can cause problems. I had arranged to have that repaired on Friday but it didn't last that long.

It's just a troublesome engine that I really do not want or need. Cheap on fuel yes but all those savings (and more) have been eaten by repair costs.

Ill just sell it as it is. Thank you all very much for your time in helping me, much appreciated.

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