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Pedal Area Thingy-Mi-Bob Identification


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Hey There,

Picked up my 2007 focus mk II on friday, took it for a spin round the motorway to get a feel for it and heard what sounded like a spring springing, everything felt okay so figured it may just be in my head.

got in the car today to nip to the shop and found the below yellow (plug?) in my drivers side footwell.

could someone please identify it and let me know its purpose / potential disaster / recovery method.





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That is certainly a thingy-mi-bob. Not certain what it does though, my old ST24 shed one once though. The car was a heap though so I wasn't at all bothered by it. Anyway, free bump, etc. Someone who has a clue may appear... Anyone advance on 'Thingy-mi-bob'?

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The black on the bottom of it looks like it was stuck on somewhere. I would get a torch, get into a very uncomfortable position with your head by the pedals and see if you can see where it might have been stuck on. Thats about the best i can offer lol but thats what i would be trying whilst waiting for some expert advice.

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After extensive googling It seems that it appears to be part of the clutch pedal return spring.

the inside area of the plastic spring mech below


I've seen a few mentioned that it is just a helper mechanism but isn't really important, my pedal is returning to its default position no matter how hard down I push it.

could anyone share some insight?

one 40 minute drive has lead to this issue and also the loosing of a head lamp bulb, this car does not seem to like me!

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It's what's known as a pedal force reduction spring - basically does what it says on the tin. Or until it breaks, which isn't unusual - same happened on my pre-facelift ST. I did get given a replacement part but never got round to fitting it and didn't notice any difference tbh.

And in any case, to replace one is an absolute nightmare, partly due to it being in a compressed state when clutch pedal is up, and then it's virtually impossible to even see where it goes let alone get in there to change it. Ford's instruction include the use of a special tool in the form of a cylinder which you use to guide the part into place then sort of twist back out.

Lot easier fitting them in the factory as they'll either have come in as part of the pedal assembly or get fitted before the pedal box is obscured by the instrument panel.

Reckon you can live without it :)

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