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Shipping Mode.

why me

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does anyone know why the shipping mode has gone from the default off to on? did the press brake/hazards no joy also the power button locking works dosnt work, the keyless ignition works wont, batterys fine looks like one of the modules has scrambled, 2 years ago had the micro switch replaced as this was malfuntioning (£1100 main dealer) sorted this problem out no worries, pretty sure it not this again as all the dash and radio lights do turn off (stayed on before) booked in at the main dealers again but love to hear what you think,cheers

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I would expect it needs the dealer to plug in some kit to be able to switch the car back out of transport mode into normal mode if that's what's happened.

I'm aware sometimes of workarounds to temporarily change modes in the factory but these tend to be one-time processes which revert to previous mode once the ignition is cycled. Not even sure if the elmConfig software has the ability to change modes, not seen it in the menus from what I can remember.

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