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No Power To Sidelights


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Hi All

Have read various threads on here, offering some good advice but I'm still struggling with my sidelights.

I have an 08 1.6 Diesel Econetic with 10 days MOT left, and what I thought was a blown bulb. However when I fitted the new one, that didn't work either. Consulted this site and as a result I have checked all fuses - ok, the switch - ok, power to the switch in each ignition position - ok.

And that's about where my knowledge ends - I did a test from the other terminals in the bulb holder to an earth point on the car, which showed continuity, so I'm guessing that's alright (please, correct me if I'm wrong); I also tested and showed continuity from the back of the switch to the bulb holder power terminal.

I'm really stumped now; don't know whether there's anything else I can test or whether I should just call in the experts.

Any ideas?

And yes, it is just the sidelights - every other one is working fine.

Thanks in Advance

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as they are fused side to side and rears work then switch , fuses ok, have you got voltmeter and check voltage at bulb holder orange and blue,and orange and green wires. if no voltage then check connectors are fully secure at fuse box as front lights are on different connector to rears.

if secure then you will need to check voltage at the connector at fuse box , same colours again. if nothing there then theres an internal fault in fuse box

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Ok, I tested the power at the connector plug, but there were two orange and greens. One had more orange than green though, and vice versa. Forgive my ignorance, but would the other one be called green and orange if it had more green?

Anyway the orange and green one (more orange) had no power so I'll have to get the fuse box out again - that'll be a job for tomorrow.

One more question, is the orange and green wire direct from the fuse box to the headlamp plug, or is there anything else in between?

Edit - just seen your reply thanks

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Orange with a green stripe, blue stripe . Direct from fusebox , no other connectors, the connector to check on the fusebox is the top right one as you look at fuse box pulled down.

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Problem solved - all sorted now.

I only went and checked the wrong light - no wonder there was no power.

My wife drives the car, so there was a bit of a communication problem as to which lamp it was.

I guess I'll know for next time.

Thanks for all the advice - feel like a bit of a dork now.

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