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Hi All,

Names Rich,

I currently don't drive a Ford, however, I am on the lookout for a Fiesta ST (Mk6 I think they are) .

Past driving experience is mixed,

Started with a Fiesta Zetec in Tangerine Red (I'm sure it was called),

Moved on to a few Astra's including 2 VXR's, 2 BMW 1 series' , and currently driving a Corsa 1.2 LE.

I was an active member on vxr online and a Regional Organiser aswel, so hopefully looking to get involved with this site on a regular basis.

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Welcome to the site Richard! A 1.2 LE is a bit of a come down after the VXR! I had a silver 07 Astra VXR too with full leather, AFL's etc about 4yrs ago and was a member of VXR Online too briefly as i only kept the car 6 months. Im the proud owner of a 12 plate Focus Zetec S now since last week and am loving the car! The 180bhp is good but not as good as the VXR's standard 240!!!

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Thanks Wes,

Yeah both my vxr's were burgs too! I'm still a member on vxro but hardly ever on it now! Just the odd flick through.

I got a shafting at work at the time so the 50 mile day drive for work wasn't viable in a vxr! Espec since the both were stage 2 and kicking out 300 bhp +! Once I moved locations and got settled I went and got another vxr about 6 months after I sold the 1st one but work shafted me again!

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300bhp, nice!!! Dont you hate bosses, alot to be said for being self employed! Been reading that our USA friends have been getting upto 400bhp out of my 1.6 ecoboost, i wouldnt mind just the 240bhp again but a Bluefin only takes it to 200 so will need a few extra bits of hardware and seeing as i bought it as a family car then that will probably never happen! A sneaky Bluefin on its own might find its way on though!

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Yeah loved that car!! Been 2 years since i sold it so I'm over the "missing it stage"! Had my corsa almost a year now and tbh i hate it!! Been looking about at cars and im lokking at the fiesta ST! Seen a few online around the £4k mark so thats my budget! Espec since i still owe money on the corsa!

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