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Tow Bar Fitting


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Hello, this is my first venture into the world of forums, so please be gentle.

I have recently sold my 2005 Focus C-Max and had to swap bumpers before doing-so. I don't know for sure if its exactly the same, but I did NOT need to remove the wheels.

1st job was to remove the screws holding-up the wheel arches. This was a bit tight with my R16-205s but a small ratchet with the appropriate head just about fit.

Jacking up one side at a time might help you if more space is required, but I did not need. Obvs if you're working around the jack be very careful you don;t knock it :).

The rest of the bumper was a 10mm bolt in each wing and a couple of those nasty plastic push-screw fastening underneath where the tow bar would go.

I hope this helps. Jim

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