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Footwell Lights


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been outside for the last day or so trying to work out my footwell lights

i have a 2010 base model but i have the wiring for the lights

i have no live and i have no ear to the bulb honders from what my multimeter says

i have had my IDS on and i do not see an area to activate them so im at a loss

can anyone give some advice


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i have looked in the owners manual and i do not see a fuse number for footwell or interior lights

i had the interior light out and i have 3 wires do u no which of the 2 wires to use

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One is the 12v constant. That is the one on its own.

Take a feed from this for your POSITIVE.

One of them is a switched earth which is earthed when the doors are open.

One of them is a constant earth used when you manually switch on the light.

Personally, I have taken a feed from the 12v constant and then taken the earth from the actual bulb holder. That way when the bulb comes on for whatever reason (door open or manually) the footwell lights will come on :)

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if i do this i can tap into the look behind the dash but out of the 2 wires on the bulb holders which one is earth and live as i dnt want to send power or earth down the wrong wire to a possible module

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