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Hi all,

In a previous post I found out that a length of foam I found lose in the engine bay is supposed to be stuck on top of the radiator/air con condenser.

My question is does this need to be reapplied?

Not sure what purpose it had or if it's critical?

Thanks in advance


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Cheers Willy however earlier I decided to re-stick the foam back down myself after buying some double sided tape.

The foam didn't seem to fit properly/met resistance when I pushed it down.

Further investigation found that the length of plastic/bracket that the foam sits on has not been fitted properly and is flapping around, I tried to reattach this but other components need to be removed.

Drove to local dealers and explined to service rep that this had not been fitted correctly during warranty work on air con system few months ago.

Mechanic came out & agreed with my diagnosis but said front end would need to be stripped in order to re-fit this part. 😦

Car now booked into dealers (after some arguing do to it being a bother dealers who originally did the warranty work) for next wed.

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