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Watch Out For Dealers With Claims Like This

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I spotted this by chance whilst browsing autotrader today. If you ever see this, the dealer will most likely try to wriggle out of any claims under SOGA by claiming you purchased as a trader. Utter rubbish which will not hold water of course, thanks to SOGA itself, the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 and the case law I mentioned in the consumer tip topic.

Here is the site: http://www.jordancarsales.co.uk/?source=autotrader-desktop

Here is the wording in question:



all cars are trade sale to the public.

I emailed them (not letting on I know anything) and asked them what would happen if I purchased a car that went wrong. They haven't bothered to reply yet and assuming they don't, that speaks volumes in itself.

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I'm interested to see what comes out of thi but as you say, will hold no water, but sadly some people seem to think they can sell to an advert ad contract yet hope that means unsavvy buyers will assume it's part of the contract..

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this bloke looks like he is a wheeler dealer! haha.

Basically Making a few quid buying/ selling cars- he wont be a proper dealer just someone selling cars as a sly job on the side. Notice all cars are by appointment only- basically means he is just doing it when he aint at work!

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It is an offence to pass yourself of as a private seller when you are in fact someone 'acting in the course of a trade or

business'. When I worked for Trading Standards years ago we used to go through the small ads in the local paper and if the

same contact telephone number appeared frequently, the advertiser would be paid a visit. As most of you know, if you buy

from a private seller caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) applies, whereas if you buy from a trader you have the protection

of the implied term under the Sale of goods Act which requires items to be of 'satisfactory quality' etc. The advantage of a

dealer passing himself off as a private seller is therefore fairly obvious.

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