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Looking To Buy A Ford Fiesta


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Im looking to buy either a Ford Fiesta 1 litre Ecoboost 125 Bhp or the new VW Polo 1 litre SEL 110 Bhp.

Does anyone have any advice mainly re the Fiesta ? Eg whats the Fiesta like to drive, how good is the engine, does it pull well, has it got instant pull to get you out of trouble (for example when on the motorway)? Ive currently got a 1.2 Tsi 105 bhp engine and its like the proverbial s***t off a shovel !!

Has anyone got any good or bad experiences with the engine or any aspect of the Fiesta?

Ive test drove one and still undecided. I was however annoyed with the placing of the armrest - seems to be in a very awkward place.

Also are the headlights any good - I know they arent LED lights - but do they provide good vision at night etc. Only asking as current car has crap headlights and dont want to make that mistake again. Does anyone know of any videos or pictures I can see showing how good the lights are etc?

Thanks in anticipation of any help

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The headlamps are ok on the Fiesta as they have projector lenses which makes them ideal for a HID upgrade which is what I done a few weeks after getting mine now its much better down the country lanes at night and unlike the VW you dont get any silly bulb failure warnings because you have changed the bulbs.

Not sure what spec you are looking at buying but I have the Titanium X and find it great inside the standard stereo is very good and clear and its nice and comfortable to drive and yes even at motorway speeds its still got enough punch for overtaking.

Re your head lights on your current VW they are always crap unless you fork out for the HID ones from the factory and although you could change the lights to HID yourself with an after market kit they will still not be as good due to VW using an open reflector style headlamp as a lot of the German manufacturers seem to do on non HID equipped vehicles the light goes everywhere rather than just on the road.

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The Red or Black edition ecoboost Fiesta is very quick. I've had the 125 Zetec S too and they are as good as any. The engine is sweet, eager and revvy. Absolutely no complaint about lights at all and the build quality is typically German. Solid, no rattles or squeaks.

Take a test drive, you'll love the sound of the 3 cylinder turbo, it's like a mini Evo from inside.

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