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Whats This Part Called?


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Hi All,

Before I start I know its not idea that I haven't actually got a picture to show you exactly what I'm on about. However I've tried to find some online and highlight them:



I was reversing and went over the top of a rock, I was stuck and the only way off the rock was the way I went in, so whilst going back forwards the rock got jammed and nearly ripped my sideskirt off. However the part above is the bit that gave in, so I need to get this replaced so it holds my side skirt back on.

I know this isn't great information, but I really have no clue what the part is called, nor do I really know how to explain it :(

Thanks in advance.


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RH indicates right hand (off) side as you are driving. Part looks correct to me for 2010 model.

You might also need the fitting kit http://r.ebay.com/5yraZc

Hey :)

Thanks for your confirmation, I also saw this screw and wondered if I'd need it, so I'll get that too

I see they're in Stoke so going to see if he'll let me collect.

Thanks again, I appreciate it.


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