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Focus 2014 Zetec Turbo Audio Question


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Hi ford owners

Just purchased my focus and want to put a better audio system in but can this be done?

As the current system is built in and can you replace this

Any websites which you recommend that sell good systems and can install for me



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Hi Dan. Depends what your car has like voice control for instance. My car is the titanium x and I looked into changing the headunit but even though there are a few aftermarket units available for the mk3 NONE of them were suitable coz the voice control would be made redundant as would the rear view camera as would some functions from the steering wheel to the new headunit. Look up connects2 if you can do without the functions mentioned and even look on eBay for aftermarket headunits mk3 focus. There are 3 chinese made ones available but I forget whose selling them.

You could however find a local car hifi dealer and buy an amplifier and good/high end Speakers and a sub. They'll sell you the gear and fit it too.

Personally I already had an amp and Speakers and sub and got a friend/dealer to fit it for me. The headunit is taken off and the cd box/radio/amp removed and the speaker cables tapped into then the wires routed to the rear of the car (boot) and connected to the amp then from the amp back to the rear of the radio box where the new speaker wires are tapped to the cars wiring where it goes into the door Speakers.

Sounds more complicated than it is but I let the shop do it as I don't have a lock up anymore (garage).

A good 2 channel amp will be about 200 quid. 150 for speakers and a good small sub about 100.

Front speakers only upgraded as the rears are only there for fill.

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No problem pal. I'm going to post a thread soon on what I've done to my sound system with pictures. Look up some threads on here done by 3 good guys each with a mk2/mk2.5. You'll get a good idea of what can be done and how. Not too different from the mk3.

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I'm no audio expert but I think you could add a sub and upgraded Speakers without changing the head unit, and that should be good enough considering you'll have constant road noise anyway. Just separating out the bass make a lot of difference especially because the doors tend to vibrate a lot when the bass is turned up.

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