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Strange Clicking Noise When Turning Key Two Clicks


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Hello all,

I've managed to capture some footage of this noise but can't upload it as I'm receiving an error that I'm not permitted to upload this kind of file.

From what I can gather, it happens on a cold engine and not when I've used the car in the past hour. When I turn my key two clicks (this lights up the panel but doesn't start the engine), the noise kicks in and is really quite loud. It stops after about half a minute and I'm able to start the engine as normal.

I'm not able to identify the exact location of where it seems to be coming from, but at a guess I would say it's in the panel to the left of my leg, sort of behind the radio? I'm not 100%, though!

If anyone can let me know how I can share the footage here that would be great, as I know my description isn't exactly the best! It's uploaded to my Facebook at the moment.


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Thanks for your reply. What exactly is the issue with the CD unit that causes this noise? I would be really grateful if you could let me know of your issue and how you solved it.

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To me it sounds like you have issues with you climate control. When you turn your key motors open the air vents to the preselected setting. Sounds like one is jammed.

Try changing the direction of your airflow and see if you can repeat the problem.

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Thanks for your reply, Willy. I've had a good fiddle with the airflow and the clicking is still there when lighting up the panel on a cold engine. I've noticed that it doesn't seem to click if I turn the climate control off altogether, so it is possibly related. Just not sure on how to fix the clicking. Any ideas?

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A small update. I have discovered that the clicking doesn't occur when the control is set to low, only high. Very odd!

Some research has revealed it could be the blend door actuator. Not that I know what that is! 馃槀


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