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So after the initial delivery problems and having to get Ford to take it back to resolve them, I'm now finally happy! Having owned a Golf, Polo and Corsa I can honestly say the Fiesta is the nicest car out of all of them, it's so smooth and refined for such a small car. I must admit they gave me a Zetec as a courtesy car whilst they were sorting mine out and it was still a lot of fun but I'm so glad I opted for the Tit X - feels like a completely different car.

I'm currently using a 64gb memory stick filled pretty much to capacity with music and to my surprise and contrary to what I've read on here Sync has no problems with the amount of tracks I have and voice control works fine - no error messages! And the Sony sound system is awesome - still fine tuning the EQ to my ears, but as a sound engineer that could take some time!

I have the Powershift transmission and touch wood so far it's been seamless - actually been quite surprised just how smooth the changes are! Not planning to mod it, other than the obligatory change to LED Bulbs where possible and I've fitted a nice stainless steel number plate surround and foot plate, but that's about it! The only interior bulb I've not managed to change is the glovebox bulb - I can lower the glovebox down but can't for the life of me work out how you actually get the bulb out and I don't want to break anything (answers on a postcard please!).

The only 2 issues I've found is that the washer jets really need to be mounted below the top of the bonnet so you don't get residual water running down the bonnet and when you have cups in the cupholders they sort of get in the way of the handbrake, but they're minor niggles on what is a lovely car!




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