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Interior Lighting Recommendations


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So my Partner is getting annoyed putting our child in the car seat now it's getting dark beacause she cant see whats she is doing.

My car does not have a rear courtesy light so I am looking to instal lights either on the door or in the roof lining. I already have installed rear footwell lights but the are blue which i'm changing to white and I just want the practicality of White light.

Any ideas or recommendations on a decent way to get decent lighting in the rear?

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Warren, I might have the perfect thing... Take a look at this:


this is one in the boot


If that's bright enough, I have spares lol.

Its basically an LED panel, which connects to an adapter, which then plugs into your socket. I removed the wedge 501 from the interior rear light, replaced it with the adapter, and then just laid the led panel in there. currently its "loose" in the sense its not actually stuck down to anything, as its just that little bit too big to actually stick in, but even then, there is no rattle, no problem. It works spot on, and its like looking into a floodlit football stadium in the car from just one bulb.


I'm currently planning installing more, I have two in the boot, one on the rear seat. I am thinking of wiring them into the bonnet, so I have floodlighting for any work I need to do under there if its gets dark. I bought about 10 or 11 of these panel lights and will be putting them all over places, or at least, thats the plan.

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I did think about these as I have them in the Boot and front footwell and they are super bright and great Value for Money!

I'm just unsure about getting one onto the roof lining as I dont have a rear courtesy light. I would say I would just wire up the door pillar running off my rear footwell lights with the cable going under the lining then cut a small hole in the lining and just stick the pad to lining.

I would say I am not to worried about making holes etc as I am highly unlikly to get rid of this car until it breaks but you never know :P


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Even running the wiring up the pillar wouldn't be an issue. What I tend to do with my wiring is run it under the door plastics and then round the seal to where I need it, no need for holes or damage

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