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Importing Fiesta Sedan?


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I bought my current LHD Focus Sedan in April 2014 with 10000km roughly 6800miles, it has now just passed 20000km, and that now means I am on the lookout for a replacement, preferably the Fiesta Sedan, although after looking around the internet for hours I am no further to finding an importer for them, the only importers I have found are importing japanese high performance cars, I bought my Focus Sedan from a dealer in Horsham,

If push comes to shove I would go to Germany and bring the car back

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Hi, you may also want to check out Luxembourg if you plan to import. There is an annual car sale in Jan/Feb with big savings although its always worth checking out pricing in Germany too as often Ford list prices can be a bit lower there.

Ford dealers here include Pirsch, Wengler and Luxmotor Ford. I have direct and indirect experiences of all of them, they have all been recommended. Luxmotor tend to have slightly friendlier service. Many dealers here are familiar with importing as they often sell cars to people in the surrounding countries. I am not sure of the rules for importing though as I am actually a resident here - and not for tax purposes!

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