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So... I Have Just Go Myself A New Car And Need To Sell Mine


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Hey guys,

So... got myself a nice little Alfa Romeo 147 1.9 JTD 16v

I need to sell my much loved Fiesta 1.6 tdci 16v Zetec S, Where would be the best place to start as I have never sold a car before?

I fear I will regret selling it but it needs to go for me to save for my house deposit... :(


Marcus :)

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Enjoy the 147! They're meant to be great to drive and the Diesel pulls well. :)

We had a 1.6 T Spark from new for 7 years. Mum loved that car so much and she still wants it back 4 years on. It's still going strong thankfully! :D

Try Gumtree, free to advertise so nothing to lose. Otherwise I'd look at Autotrader, the 147 sold within 3 days to the first person that came to see it. She was convinced she'd buy it before she even saw it! Still got it now. :)

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I know mate, I got it for the bang for buck :)

My mate works at a alfa garage so all i have to do is get the parts and he will help me fit them on a ramp :D

2005 here are some pics :)



I already have some 156 gta 17" wheels for it... it says it all really though, I haven't even picked up the car yet and have already got spare parts for it! :lol:



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Oh nice! Ours was similar, and we got those wheels about 5 years later as the originals got wrecked by potholes! Ours was three door too, in red with grey leather. Mum wanted that colour leather but the woman in the dealership showed her the wrong swatches and the car turned up with the wrong colour!

Safe to say we got a discount. Haha


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