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My 4Th Fiesta Is On It's Way!


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Well I intended on picking up an ST-2 around March next year and thought I'd put my order in around now for it, seeing when I last asked there was quite the wait on a build.

Well that turned into January when I popped along to Ford 2 weeks ago where there was a few that could be ordered in already being built for a January delivery, so I thought great well a month or two ahead is nothing to complain.

I got a call last week as I'd asked for a test drive, and 7 of them had arrived all at once. 7 ST-3 models all in spirit blue. Seeing they were all being snapped up the salesman put my name on one and so now I'm getting it on Monday. Little bit quicker than I'd intended.

So I'll be getting a Spirit Blue ST-3 next week with all extra's minus the spare wheel as it's pointless me getting it as I have the kit already, though I've never used it in my ZS.

So I'll be moving from a 1.6 TDCi Zetec S which my dad's going to use for a while to a nice shiny ST :P

Will get some pictures when I can, probably going to keep it largely standard as I really can't be bothered with modifications, may pick up the Mountune MP215 kit at some point but that'll be the most I bother with. Possibly some 5000K HID's or OSRAM Nightbreakers depending on how I feel at the time and that'll do just fine!

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Here's a couple of snaps in compound, if you're eagle eyed you'd notice my sensors looking odd - some prune has painted them in deep impact blue so it's being sorted Monday morning -.-



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I quite like them, they just look a little different to the previous 2 versions with the LED's. There's a few little bits and pieces that are a little different on the 2016 version.

There's 7 Blue ST3's at the dealer I'm getting my car from :P

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