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My New Econetic


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I just got myself a new car 61 plate ECOnetic.

It's way more efficient than my 54 plate older fiesta but I'm kinda disappointed because I didn't check for which features it has.

I'm wondering what I can do to sort of dress it up or make it better.

I'm trying to outweigh if I should sell this car and just buy a Titanium or keep it and try to add in a few things.

  • Front window demister (yes I can live without that one even though my old car had it) that is probably very expensive to do.
  • Parking sensors (I would only want official ford ones).
  • Auto lights / auto wipers (again probably expensive to add but if I did those I'm guessing whole new windscreen :( )
  • Anti dazzle mirror (probably part of the above)
  • Footwell lights
  • Power folding mirrors
  • More light in the boot? Always in there a lot trying to read stuff off boxes in the dark.
  • Front fog lights
  • Daytime lights (Official ones)
  • Keyless entry
  • Center console cup holder light

I combined any possibility of anything I would want into one if anyones interested in telling me what I should do.

I only paid £3,000 for this ECOnetic Edge 61 plate Fiesta (2011). It has the bluetooth radio and has ~109K miles.

I just seen the opportunity and bought it seeing it that cheap but either way I think it was a pretty good deal.

I'm not saying I need every feature but anything easy or sort of cheap to do I'd kinda want to do it.

It has been mechanically checked over and I been driving around in it since June no problems so either way its a cheap car, maybe even profitable.





Edit: I uploaded some photos of the car

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Wow, that's some serious mileage for a 2011 plate?

Before buying my Titanium in Feb this year, my mind was set on a Zetec S (due to the sportier looks).

However i'm so glad I purchased the Titanium, as it has all the extra's that you've outlined above. Nice little extra luxuries so to speak. I also have the Active/City stop feature, "dress up" bodykit, full leather interior and upgraded wheels - something that I do not regret having ;)

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Wow, that's some serious mileage for a 2011 plate?

Its about 3 years and a bit old. Originally a rental company owned it.

My dads a mechanic and he serviced it and such and said its good for a long time to come. My 54 plate fiesta (2004) did 170 thousand miles granted its a lot older, still got it and its working fine :)

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When you practically live in your car having all the extras would make it more worthwhile. I've been doing about 10 thousand miles in a month or more.

If this current car I got could have anything done at a reasonable cost though that would make the wait better before I go and search for a Titanium ECOnetic with about 100k miles.

Replacing the engine is probably cheaper than adding in most things. <_<

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  • 3 months later...

I'll add to my topic that I have since sold the basic econetic and replaced it with a Titanium econetic at 12 plate. I'm quite impressed with all the features just being there. Considering changing the Speakers but nothing else really :)


Auto lights and wipers function perfectly. Sony Radio is far far worse so far (ford will check this tomorrow as of writing!). It's like half the buttons do nothing sometimes but do in other cases. Never had any trouble with the zetec radio. Does anyone know the difference in this Sony radio system?

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