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3Rd Year Service Prices


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How much did Ford want Paramanic? Think it was £280 for me. I went to a garage where my mom has been taking her cars for years and done some work on my old cars and paid about £200 for service and new brake pads and an MOT as that was due. Best thing is. They used every single part ford would of used. Shocking what Ford charge.

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Something around that price jay bud think it was well over 200 anyway local because I go all the time to them is doing it all for 140 I have my own air filter so saves on price of that too

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My 3rd year will be due end of March 2016 - currently only have 14.5k on the clock. I did remember upon collecting her after her 2nd year service this year - the bald guy behind the counter said "You're next service will be a major!"

I shan't be paying £280 for service, no thanks. I will be going elsewhere, or simply do it myself. I used to service my previous Clio every 6 months anyway - iirc parts/oil used to cost me approximately £40 (if that!)

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Just a thought...

What about the "In and Out" places that services/MoT you vehicle? I have used them a few times in the past, and they are reasonably cheaper than dealer prices

Xpress service (Minor service):


Xpress service PLUS:


Xpress service & MoT combo:


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