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Catalitic Converter Problems


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Hi all,

I last April I had an aftermarket cat fitted to my 2003 Fusion 2, 250 miles ago mil light came on checked code came up with catalitic efficiency low p somthing can't remember however took it to my local garage that fitted it he put it through emissions test it flew through I saw printout then 250 miles plus later light came on again unable to put it on my code reader as I am away on Holliday in Norfol. Has anybody had any experience with this if so what cured problem.

Kind regards to all Jim

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Hi Jim,

Unfortunately I dont know if cheap is something that can really come into it.

I think you may need to get an OEM part, rather than a pattern or aftermarket, you may be able to find a good cat at a breakers yard, but they are hard to come by.

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The sensor is just there to tell the car if the is an issue with the emissions by fitting the spacer you will be giving the sensor more oxygen so the emissions will register lower so the EML light will not light up

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