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Mk6 Water Leak In Boot. High Level Brake Light.


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With the recent deluge I noticed my boot carpet was wet. I took out spare wheel to find couple of cm of water.

It's coming in through the high level rear brake light going through the tailgate and coming out through the boot lock latch.

I'm going to remove the light and look at replacing the seal.

Has anyone had this problem and how did they go about renewing the seal.

Any help appreciated

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from your profile its a 2016 model so take it back under warranty. strage its still 2015

Lol I wish it was that easy. I need to change my profile. It's a 2006 mk6.5 ZS

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Use an LED/SMD bulb then secure the light with silicone. That way you'll have to remove it less often and its watertight

I've removed the light and the rubber gasket/seal had perished and came away in my hand.

I completely removed the seal and siliconed it where the gasket usually sits.

Il leave the car in the garage over night and see how it goes after a heavy shower. Fingers crossed

I'm not sure if the rubber gasket can be replaced or its a complete new light unit that needs to be ordered.

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It's been chucking it down for 2 days solid and not one drop of water in the boot.

Just hope the Bulb doesnt need changed soon

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Hence why I suggested changing to LED..

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I've got exactly the same issue.  I've been trying to figure out what has changed.  There was a replacement brake light bulb, then a high level brake light.  Looking at the water, it is running out of the boot latch into the bottom of boot.

I've taken apart/removed the high level break light.  The seal all round the edge is in a bad state.  In the mean time I popped to Halfords and purchased some Clear Sealant.  In all fairness, I think the best option is to replace the unit.  The seal looks completely gone. 

A Light Bulb is:  GE W16W 955   (£5)

Sealant:  Granville - Clear Silicone Sealant (£5) 

I've ordered Genuine Ford Fiesta MK6 Rear Tail Light Lamp Cluster 1363487 - £37

from Arnold Clarke, coming straight from Ford.  ( 6S61-13A602)

Will need to wait for the part to arrive, and then fit.  :-?  

Hopefully, progress.

Ford Fiesta ST150 - Frozen White

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Exact same problem as described. How it ends up coming through lock remains a mystery though.Also as with others on a different thread the 3 weep holes had not been machined through and even after opening them up the water prefers the lock route. 

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I've had the same issue and have left it way too long, the boot latch was green and rusty, caused all sorts of problems with the electrics, lights came on dash board for no reason when locked, I had the boot latch fixed but still wet when I open boot, puddle in the tyre space. I will try and get the top brake light replaced, hopefully it is that! I have a smelly mouldy car 😟

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Thanks to everyone for your input into this thread, it may be an old (or dead thread) but has proved useful to me in 2023 🙂
I have been plagued by water ingress into the tailgate of our my 2004 Ford Fiesta which is taking out the instrument cluster light fuse which is linked to the number plate lights. 

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