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Tdci Egr - Blanking Or Unplugging?


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Hi all,

I have a blanking plate for the 1.4 TDCI which I will look to fit at some point, I have noticed however that the solenoid itself is electronically controlled (from what I can see within the engine bay). On my Clio I simply unplugged it, which every now and then did throw an engine warning light but I knew it was the EGR.

My question is - if I simply unplug the EGR would this cause any other issues?

I know on my Mercedes that if you unplug the EGR the car doesn't allow boost to build (the turbo is ECU controlled), whereas I know that the KP35 turbo has the standard boost operated wastegate.

Just wondering if anyone had simply unplugged the connector to the EGR vs blanking it off yet - the plug seems easier to get to than fitting the blanking plate.

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I wouldnt unplug it, that is more likely to leave the light permanently on, as the circuit is now open.

I would fit the blanking plate, and then run the engine with the light on for a little while. Stef123 had this issue on his Mondeo ST MK3 after blanking it, and I believe after a few months, the car realised he was not listening, didnt care what it had to say, so it turned the light off :p

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I do already have the blanking plate, just need to get the time to fit it. I have also noticed that the pipe that the gases enter the inlet manifold seems to be quite easy to get to. Am I correct to say that it's on the left at the back? Could this be blanked as well?

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It is, I know you can get thinner ones which burn through, could you just block the one at the manifold end?

I recommend blanking as close to the manifold as possible if it is an option available to you;

as this prevents gasses flowing to any pressure sensors within the EGR system which can trigger an EML 😧

(Engine Management Light)

If the egr piping was blanked at a location beyond the pressure sensor.

However if blanked post sensor at the manifold it won't feel any pressure atall☺

as anything beyond the blanking plate will be a dead leg in the system👌

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