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Bring Your Idiots To Dorset Day


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The dog and I have encountered an above average number of idiots on the roads in Dorset, this afternoon. So, we can only conclude it must be National Bring Your Idiot to Dorset Day :P

Some of the more memorable idiots, we encountered

Idiot No.1

Silver Mercedes CLK, who, in what can only be described as ambling along, yet drifting back and forth across the road, at 35mph where the national speed limit applies. Although a trunk road: it's not dualled. Way too much oncoming traffic to get by. Keeps stopping dead in the road, for no apparent reason. And just as we see a gap, to pull past him - he takes off again. When we finally were able to get past him. What do we see, he is on the phone and taking notes on one of those post-it windscreen thingies: completely oblivious to the tailback he was causing :angry:

Idiot No.2

White Corsa, on the A35 Town Hall roundabout, which is three-four lanes wide and has multiple sets of traffic lights, indicates right to go to the inner lane, and turns left across the path of an Audi A4 :o. Is she in the lane she wants?; apparently not! Drifting back to the right cutting a up a blue Transit! Now, she decides she doesn't want that lane after all. :huh: Stops dead, and causes the Transit to nearly rear end her :o Indicating left again, driving forwards 2 metres, cancelling left indicator, forwards 5 metres and then almost broadsides a BMW 530i, with her next leftwards drift. She's now adjacent to us :( We want the next exit, she's looking towards our lane and then just darts across our front! :o :o The dog fell over in her crate, as I had to brake hard! :o It was then Corsa decides she's in the wrong lane, again - and indicates left and moves right, back into the BMWs path.

Idiot No.3

Black Zafira, full of loose kids, who didn't appear to be belted in! It was a one way street, we were behind the Zafira (we aware of course, that it could burst into flames at any moment, and kept well back :P ) It accelerated road up to the end of the road and then decided to reverse; rather than going round the block again; and expected all of us (eight vehicles) behind it, to do the same :(

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Probably on a day trip from Devon :P

If all Devons idiots were visiting Dorset today: you must be having "Devonian Idiot-Free Day" :P

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