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Ford Fiesta Start Problem


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Wondering if anyone can help...

I have a 2004 Fiesta Mk6, has been fine until a couple of days ago when I tried to start it

Car will start up but will not idle, as long as I have my foot on the gas car will stay on, however as soon as my foot comes off it stalls

Have used machine to get the fault codes it is showing U2510 CAN Communication bus fault. Took instrument cluster out and fiddled with it a little bit and put back in, car then worked for about an hour before same issue reoccured

Guessing it is going to end up in the Ford garage and will cost a fortune but if anyone has any idea what this could be that would be a great help as I am totally stuck

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Things to try;

Disconnect the battery for a few hours.

Clean the throttle body and idle control valve

Check the contacts inside the accelerator pedal box

If it's petrol, check spark plugs

Coil pack often goes faulty too

Check air filter

Check fuel filter

Check the earth points too

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