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Buying A Spare Wheel From Breakers Yard


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Looking to buy a spare wheel for the wife's new S-max. Seen a couple but don't understand what part of the description means. This is the description below:


What does LV07-4 or EN07-2 and similar terms mean.

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Those are the tyre DOT codes, which tell you when the tyre was made, and by whom (as in which factory), not necessarily the brand of tyre which can be different.

The two letters are the code for the manufacturer.

The first two numbers are the year, for example 2015 would be 15

The last number after the hyphen is the week of manufacture, for example this week would be -51

The two examples you've given

LV07-4 was made in the 4th week of 2007 by GENERAL TIRE CANADA, LTD. in Barrie, Ontario, Canada

EN07-2 was made in the 2nd week of 2007 by QINGDAO YELLOWSEA RUBBER CO., LTD in Qingdao, Shangdong, China

If you're buying either of these for the alloy wheel and plan on getting a new tyre for your spare, that would be ideal

Both those tyres are quite old, and not far off their recommended life for replacement, which is 10 years from manufacture

Whilst spares are seldom used, you would want to have a tyre that is unlikely to fail, when you need it.

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Thanks Ghana that's really helpful. You must be one of the few people in the country who knows that. I've been on to ford dealerships, tyre suppliers, garages, friends Forums and Google, no one knew and I couldn't find any info on Google....RESPECT...

Thanks for the effort you have obviously put into your reply, I appreciate it. I can now bid with confidence and can go to bed so much cleavourer than I was when I got up this morning

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