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New Led Rear Light Part Numbers Required


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Any Ford people out there who can get me a definitive part number for the new LED tail lights for the fiesta.

I've been to my local dealer with reg numbers from cars that have them but the system seams to conridict itself.

I'm sure they can be purchased cheaper than the online alternatives.


Thanks to Dave aka Jacked

Part numbers for the LED lamps are : -

1900003 - O/S/R

1900005 - N/S/R

Lights come with bulbs

Current retail price is £186.85 each inc. VAT

Bartering with you local dealer could get you a better deal.

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Stealers will be about £350 I think, sico-developments want that much and I can't see them putting a ridiculous mark up on them for the sake of it. I'd imagine there'll be a few dead ST's, Zetecs and so fourth knocking around with all the bad weather we've had so may be worth looking on fleabay.

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I bumped into a guy yesterday who paid 200 for a set but the catch was he was a ford employee. With this info I approached my dealership and there willing to discount but won't order till we decide which ones to order.

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Ford Parts UK and my dealer got back to me today and my dealer has found the correct lights. Been offered the lights at a similar price to JWR but waiting for confirmation on this.

The lights are listed as LEVEL 6 rear lights and there's no mention of them being LED.

I'll list part numbers if / when I get them.

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For any interested members.

The first port of call should be your local dealer and see what deal you can do with them.

If your not the haggling type then JWR is the next cheapest.


Stoneacre Ford of York are doing a good deal too at a similar price to JWR and can be contacted here via the website contact details.


Or Ford Part UK using there part request link https://www.fordpartsuk.com/partsrequest.htm


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Some silvatec indicator bulbs would go nicely with them,

Sandicliffe may be an option for cheap retailer,

They were 48GBP cheaper than fordpartsuk.com for my RS led tail lights which are built to order weird or what,

Build to order by Ford and sandicliffe can process cheaper than the manufacturer can process within there own network.

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