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Electric Window Stopped


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My drivers door window will only go down about 6mm then stops, it will go back up

have tried it a few times but still stops at the same place.

Anyone got any idea what it might be would be great

It is a 63 model would this be covered by warranty?

Thank you

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Is there frost around when you tried it? I've had this on my last car, I'd scraped the ice off the window but the mechanism was still bogged up. As soon as it warmed up it was fine

What is the date of registration of the car? It'll be on the log book or ford etis

If less than 3yrs it'll be covered if you still need to take it in

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It will be covered under warranty assuming it isn't caused by user damage/neglect (can't see it would be).

Are you trying to use one touch, or does it not go down even if you hold the button fully down?

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