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Revs Drop Until Stall After Ignition


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Sup Guys

Could really do with some help.

I've got a ford fiesta flight 2001 1.3L endura E engine 89,000 hours.

Whenever I start the ignition its start fine every time, but immediately after the ignition the revs drop over a period of 30 seconds until the engine eventually stalls. Regardless of whether I try to raise the revs with the medal, it doesnt help.

recently it broke down due "miss firing" after which new ignition/HT leads were fitted. Now this issue has cropped up and I've tried having the battery and spark plugs replaced with no change.

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated

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Aha I had no idea it was so bad. It was sold as being super reliable, load of !Removed! that turned out to be. I had bought a new coil pack, but I've notice that from beneath the oil filter is in the way, and will need taking off.

I guess it could also be the alternator, I was thinking because of the 30 second time frame maybe its the oxygen sensor heating up and adjusting the fuel air ratio until stalls. Is there a way I can test its the alternator or coilpack ?

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