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Is there a link for all the smileys used on this forum? Or is it guesswork? I use the mobile / tablet app and hardly never the desktop site. Can a sticky be made for these selection of us?

So far I know:

The usual sad and happy faces,

: mrgreen : :mrgreen:

: d :d

: p :p

: cry : :cry:

: Ermm : :ermm:

: unsure : :unsure:

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Now, there's something I didn't know! :o

You're right, you can't access the forum smileys from the phone unless you use the built-in phone smileys, well you can't from an LG D855 on GiffGaff

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I've also discovered, whilst you can be logged in, from both the phone (on the mobile version) and the PC (full version), at the same time.

The forum software doesn't like you being in the full version on the phone at the same time as the PC!

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