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Bad Dealer Experience

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Hi Everyone

Just thought I’d let you know about my recent experience

with Bristol Street Motors (Ford) in Bolton.

I called and booked in an appointment and explained I wanted

to have the ECU update needed to resolve TSB 27/2012. I told them there is currently

an injector that needs replacing and told them the fault code it was giving etc

(from using ForScan). I told them about all the work that had been done on it

and also the problem that I was having, but again specified that I wanted the

ECU update. They said the ECU update is done as part of the diagnostic session

(which I didn’t believe a the time), to which I agreed and booked it in.

I arrived this morning at 8am as requested, added a few more

details and signed their jobsheet etc. after seeing my comments on there. At

17:00 I received a call saying that the diagnostic session was over and that I

have a faulty fuel injector, that will be £79 please….. Furious isn’t the word…

I told them that I already knew that, and that I even gave them this fault code

and told them I don’t want that sorting, just the ECU update. They then said

they cannot/will not do any further diagnosis or updates until they replace the

injector as all fault codes need to be clear before they do anything further. I

then asked why I wasn’t told this when I booked it in and GAVE them the fault

code, also why this wasn’t flagged during the ’15 minute free diagnosis’ before

they go in to the charging period.

Apparently even though they knew they couldn’t do anything

they still did a basic vehicle inspection and did a test drive, and in total

spent 3+ hours on it… My response was simply did you take it on a test drive to Glasgow?? They would not let this go without me paying, so I said why

don’t I get the injector sorted then, then bring it back a second time solely to

get the update, for which I would agree to the £79 as it’s what I specifically

asked for.

After 15 minutes of standing my ground and repeating that

they hadn’t done what I specifically asked for and were just trying to take

money from me for repeating what I already told them, including the actual

code, he eventually said ‘Fine, come and take your car but never come back

again, we will never work on your car again’.

Fine by me – I’ll be there in 15 mins

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