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Automatic Temperature Control Fan Problem


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The ATC fan on my 2013 Titanium X Fiesta blows on maximum when I start the car even when the heater is set at 19 degC. The aircon is off and the ATC is set at auto. Help/advice please?

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Alex, thanks for your reply.

So its designed to blow out cold air into the car until it reaches the desired temperature. What's the point of having EATC in the Fiesta if you have to manually turn down the blower initially until the engine warms up enough for warm air to blow out and then push the auto button on again. Not a good design is it.

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Normally the A/C comes on at the same time to help dry the air.

Then once there is enough heat in the engine (or it's auxiliary heater) you should feel the air turn warm.

I didn't use to use Auto on my old Fiesta until the engine warmed up a bit in the Winter.

I use it more on my Focus as they seem to have programmed it to be not so aggressive with the fan, other than in the summer when it is trying to cool down the car fast.

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