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06 1.6 Petrol Fusion Intermittent Starting Probs


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Hi All

I have owned my 2006 Fusion since 2007 and it still has under 23,000 miles on it. Usually service by Ford Dealer.

Of late an old fault has returned. Most the time it is a first time every time starter. This fault which the main dealer looked at last year has recently returned.

Turn the key it will either just fire but not start or start on a very low idle and stop. After a few attempts it will start as normal. Once started it acts normal.

Last year the dealer could find no faults and said they did note it needed a software update and this they did.

Now it is back.... any one else come across this??


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Cheers for the link that sounds very much like what I have been experiencing ........ It is going into the garage next week and I will be able to show them this. After all a Ford Main Dealer will know what they are doing????? :-)

Thanks all for your help I was beginning to think I was going mad ... again :-)

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Hi. I have the exact problem with my 1.6 ford fusion. 55.000 miles on the clock 35.000 from the previous owner. I've owned my car now for two years. When the engine is cold it'll turn over and not start and after couple if attempts it'll start at low revs and cut out. What I do is give it a touch of throttle and it'll start no problem. If I turn the engine off when hot and start it back up with in 2 minutes it'll start without any throttle but after that it's on the gas again and turn the key.

I've been to my car dealer where I bought it from and cant find a problem and have thought it could be the MAP sensor needs replacing or cleaning. Its a job that I will do when I get the chance to.

eventually I'm going to take it into the ford dealers near me as the cam belt is getting close to be changed. Think I'm going to mention it to em if I cant do it myself. I thought I was just my car having a bad morning.

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