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Undoing Top Nut On Fiesta Mk6 Front Struts


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Hello everyone,

My brother's Fiesta suffered from a snapped spring while sitting on the drive (fairly common so it
seems), and I said I'd replace them for him as the garage was going to charge over £800 for the privalege!

The only problem I'm having is accessing the top nut, I have an 18mm swan neck spanner, but it won't reach the nut.

I assume other people have managed to change the springs themselves, so how do you reach the nut? Are there thinner spanners available which will fit in the hole or a special tool I can buy? The only other option I've got is take the struts to a friendly garage and ask them to air gun them.

Thanks for any help!

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Wont a long reach socket reach? When my front left spring snapped I bought a strut from a scrapyard for £15! It was almost brand new aswell.

So i now have; One strut with snapped spring & another spare spring attached to a crash damaged strut from my old fiesta :)

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