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Fiesta Black Edition 140

zetec steve

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Despite not owning one, I test drove a 140ps red edition a couple months ago when shopping around for a new toy. I was really impressed with it, and damn near bought it...

That was- until I took a quick visit up to the next dealership and found a mint condition 2011 1.6 Ti-VCT 125ps Mk7 Zetec S with identical mileage and all the extras for half the money and 99% of the smiles. Really not much difference in driving experience between the two if you ask me.

The biggest kick in the nuts with the black/red editions is that for very similar money, you can get an ST-3 with very reasonable mileage.

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Just got a black edition, shop around on car wow etc, managed to get a great deal with sat nav, heated seats auto wipers lights, privacy glass, and Auto heating for less than the book price, £14kin total, great car pulls really well, st was to harsh, but this warm hatch is quite a car

I'm looking to get super chips on it for an extra 37bhp and 77 more torque , that will be plenty for the car, giving it close to st performance at about 4K cheaper than the basic st

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The focus is a great car but it's a diesel and I don't do really big miles any more , except for a couple

Trips a year

They do have petrol variations in the Focus too :) And the Focus boot space will be great for those couple long trips.

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I have the Red Edition and the 140PS is great. Not quite the throw you into the seat acceleration you get from the ST but pretty amazing. I got a fantastic deal from my local dealer by using carwow to get a price and negotiating. Ended up paying less than I did for my previous ZS 3 years ago.

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Thanks for all the replies , deal has been done

Fiesta black edition

Pre registered last day of December

Every box ticked in the options list

Really good discount and price for the focus

Pick up Monday night

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