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Help - Power Loss On Fiesta Zs.


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Hey, looking for help of fellow fiesta owners. I have a 2008 zetec s fiesta petrol and I am experiencing very intermittent power loss.

For example, I will be cruising along at 30 and the power just drops as if power to the car has been cut and the accelerator will do very little to the speed it just kangeroos along and this leads me to believe it's not a limp mode as it struggles for power and so I have to turn the engine off and on to rectify this.

No warning lights come on however I did plug a reader in and it came back with O2 sensor fault that I fixed by cleaning up the connection on the lambda sensor and this got rid of the code but it still happens. I have searched and asked around but I've had all sorts of answers, fuel filter, maf sensor, manifold ect so decided to go to the experts :)

It's booked into Ford next thur but from what I've read it's a common problem and because it's intermittent Ford just say they cannot find a fault. If anyone can help me I would be very grateful (Y)

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