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Upgrading From Bluetooth To Bluetooth With Usb And Music


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Hi All

I originally started questions about doing this upgrade in another thread (1.6 TDCI)but I should of started a new one as it is now specific to this upgrade.

I have a 2010 fiesta Sportvan built 30/9/2010 with bluetooth module 8M5T 19G488-AR

It has the bluetooth stalk factory fitted

I want to upgrade to the bluetooth with USB and music

I have bought from eBay module 8M5T-19C112-AS apparently from a fiesta (80.00)

I have bought from ford trim cover finis 1572824 (4.07)

Finis 1715190 Control ( this looks like the bit that goes inside the trim and houses the USB port) (5.49)

Wire assembly finis 1755525 I do think that this lead is correct as it has the USB connector on it along with loads of other connectors. (48.84)

The ford parts man also thinks I need this lead so I also purchased it but I am not so sure I do and welcome any advice on this as I don't want to spend ages trying to find somewhere to fit it! Wire assembly Finis 1715190 (33.08)

I think I now have all the parts I need so any help in how to fit them all would be great.

I'm aware I then need to go to Ford for IDS.

cheers Vin

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I'm not sure of the part numbers as I'm just an auto Sparky and don't work for ford. But I think you need the loom that runs between the headunit and the bluetooth module, but if you go to a good ford dealer with a semi competent parts bloke he can check all of this out for you.

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On 19 January 2016 at 11:25 AM, FordWright said:

I've recently gone through a similar upgrade- If I remember, I'll try and update you at Lunch.

Hi Ford 

any chance of the update?

cheers Vin

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