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Puddle Lamp


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Fiesta Titanium 2014.

Near side puddle lamp not working.

Car is over a year old so out of warranty on bulbs etc.

Don't want to go to the expense on a new door mirror as understand that this is a consumable item.

Has anyone managed to retro fit new leds to their mirror?

If so what LEDs and where did you get them from.

Was the job easy to do?

Thankyou for any help

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Take it back in to ford, it's not a bulb, it's not your fault it's a non replaceable item, and having to pay £120-130 plus fitting for a new unit is ridiculous.

Someone on STOC just had theirs replaced under warranty.

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Am guessing that Fords will try and wriggle, have a drl led working intermittently and they are saying its classed as a bulb and bulbs are warrantied for a year.

Guessing they will say the led in the mirror is classed as a bulb too.

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ST Owners Club, his was 16months old and they have replaced it under warranty. Yesterday I had my illuminted sill plate replaced as the LEDs failed on that, mine is also 16 months old. From 01/09/14 the base warranty increased from 1 to 3 years.

Try again or another dealer, Ford have fitted a part that cannot be replaced or serviced, therefore that part should be expected for a reasonable amount of time. Expecting you to pay over £400 to replace a light and mirror because they cheaped out on LEDs.

If no joy complain to ford customer service on Facebook etc.

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This is from the warranty section on ford's website, it says bulbs are water and tear items because they have a limited service life, which is true for normal bulbs due to heat etc, most LED manufacturers will quote a service life of up to 50000 hrs. Which is over 5 years use 24hrs a day 7 days a week etc.


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