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Hi guys, don't know if this has been done before, but saw a fantastic looking car earlier...

Wanted to share it, but couldn't find a post that was appropriate, so....

Here we go, this is a place to share any snaps of cars that we rarely see or is something out of the ordinary...

Lamborghini murcielago - I apologise for the picture, we was driving when the missus took the snap...

But you get the idea... Reg number y222 mphpost-62772-0-39387500-1452519744_thumb.j

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If I loiter down the bottom of my drive, I might get a photo of the R8 that goes by at least twice a day.

I think it's owned/driven by the police couple who live on the 90° bend, some 200 metre up the road.

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The picture of the Lancia doesn't do it justice, it was an absolute beauty, intergralle 16v as well. Not even a swirl mark lol. As for the Ferrari, well it's a 458 what more is there to say, he started it and my god. Love at first hearing lol

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Brilliant that Phil! Bet he loved it! That's the dream, drive across the Golden Gate Bridge in a red convertible mustang... 

Id have liked a deep impact blue mustang instead though! (Which they don't do for the mustang anymore) 

future classic right there... Deep impact blue 5.0 V8..

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him and his girlfriend were on their way to a vineyard tour courtesy of her employer free meal cooked by a Michelin star chef and wine tasting and including a £200 bottle a free £85 bottle of red to bring home

Not a bit jealous

See my parts for sale on thread "philf1s Spirit Blue Fiesta ST180 parts for sale"

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