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Powered Steering Malfunction


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Picked up my car monday, ford fiesta 59 plate.

Noticed a light on the dash, with a steering wheel and an explanation mark! next to it, apparently looking in the book this means that there is a powered steering malfunction and it should feel heavy to steer, although it seems fine to me!

Got any idea's?

It's lit up on 2nd ignition, but stays on when other lights go out, although goes out on turning the engine on...


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Does the light simply not mean that the steering is still immobilised until the engine is on? If it goes off once the car is started then I don't think there is any problem.

I'll have a look at what mine does.

I think you are correct. Mine stays on until the engine starts so it might be a current saving device as the power steering is by electric and not hydraulic.

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Mine is exactly the same, power steering light stays on until engine is started. Does this not make sense as power steering will not be active until you've started the engine?

Thanks, looks like this is normal then.

After reading the manual over and over, there is only a fault IF the light stays on when the engine is running. :)

Glad this is cleared up! :)

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Hi I just got a 59 plate fiesta for my son I noticed its on with just the ignition on and wondered ? but it went  out after starting the engine , so I can relax ,great help thank you 

cheers Ken

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