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Need Help With Paint Work And Leds -Style 06


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Hi guys, new to the club here and just needed some advice/information.

I drive a 2006 fiesta style 1.25

Firstly I have purchased red LED lights to go behind my speedometer and replace the green ones. I dont have a clue how to take my dash apart to get to where i need to be to fit them, or indeed how to fit them. (Pictures will follow)

Secondly, I'm doing some paintwork. I am painting the outer trim of the car a gloss black. What type of paint do I need? What method should I follow to ensure a lasting and good looking gloss finish?

Finally, I was wandering if it would be possible to paint the inside of my headlights black?

Thanks for any and all advice! This is my first Ford and in fact my first car, I know a little but you might have to bear with me :)

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To fit the LEDs isn't worth the hassle. It honestly isn't. And there's a coloured filter behind the instrument panel.

Regarding the headlights. You need to heat the outside edges with a heatgun (carefully) and pry them apart . If you look on my profile you'll find a guide regarding retrofitting Projectors to the mk6.5 headlights. It also explains how to open and reseal them

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