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Ctek Battery Charger


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Tried to pump up my tyres using my plug in compressor only to find it wouldn't work. Had to run the engine to get enough voltage for the compressor to work , normally I don't have to do this but at this time of year short runs with the lights and climate control on put a strain on the battery, but I have no problem starting the car.

I was wondering if it would be good to fully charge the battery every so often. I have looked on amazon and see that CTEK battery Chargers can be used without having to disconnect the battery. Has anyone used one of these to charge the battery in the car, a good idea?

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I've always trickled charged my cars with the battery connected.

Whenever I haven't driven for around 10 days, I connect up the charger to bring it back up.

I have a Ctek MXS 10 now, but I used to use a Clark AC70 (which I still have, but has become my reserve charger)

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