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Few Questions If Possible


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I'm new to fords normally Bmws

But needed something cheap

So Iv got my self mk6 1.4 tdci

Now I was woundering how hard the egr blanking is ?

What's the best air filter to use

And weather it's best to have the car terracleaned

It's done 150k but still running lovely just want to treat to a few little mods to improve performance and fuel

Il be doing a full serivce on it cambelt all fluids glow plugs fuel filter

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I have recently got a 1.4 TDCi as well, just in the process of working out what the best air filter is for it although space is limited, removing the intake snorkels seem to help but I would suggest trying out a few things yourself for your car. The EGR blanking I am yet to do, but the plate is cheap at around £3, fit and forget etc, I would give the car a good service, actually if you are looking to blank the EGR it would be a great time to do it whilst the fuel filter is out - easier access to the valve.

The engine will response well to a remap (not done it on mine) but be aware that the engine is un-intercooled so you don't want to be pushing the boost etc too much.

With regards to the injectors, its very very common for the injector seals to leak (between the injector and the engine) - I suggest that you remove the airbox and check along the injectors for any sitting diesel around any of them - if its dry then they are probably ok but its best to check. Also if you start the car and hear a 'tsshk' noise then you have 1 or more injectors seals leaking - they are very cheap to buy, just a bit of a faff to fit as the inlet manifold has to come off to get to the injector holders.

I suggest you give everything a once over and check, mine is on 108k miles and have put on around 2k miles since I got it, seems that there are usually only a few bits that need sorting every now and then.

One thing to mention is to check the cambelt and Aux belt has been changed - the service interval is apparently 150k miles which is around 75k miles too long for a rubber belt! If it hasn't been replaced yet I would suggest sorting that out as priority 1 - also note that sometimes if the aux belt snaps it can then get stuck in the bottom pulley which then in turn gets lodged in the cambelt wrecking the engine - I would also suggest changing the water pump and tensioners whilst you are at is.

Other than that enjoy the car :)

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