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Fiesta Mirror Swap


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Can some one help please. Daughter had her drivers 59 plate fiesta electric (non power fold) mirror totalled. Got second hand replacement but its for powerfold. Wiring plug different. Whats the best way to fit?

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To be honest mate I'd send it back.

It'll be nigh on impossible to get it to work without a trip to the dealer to activate it @ £80 - £100. Even then you'd need a second mirror.

Get the right mirror Dazzer, it'll be easier mate.

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Well there you go then because with a little ingenuity you can do it. Photo both plug adaptors and disassemble the wires complete with crimped ends by sliding a pin under the lock to push the wire and crimped end forward out of both of the plugs. Turn it 180 and then pull it out backwards. Re-insert wires complete with the crimped ends into the original plug and reinsert into the housing. Job done in about an hour with everything working.

Just be mindful that you retrack the wiring back through the same route otherwise it catches on the window. Best to lower window when fitting.

Whole job with right colour mirror casing cost me £43, well pleased as long as she doesn't make a habit of it.

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