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Steering Rack Limiter Question


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I'm going from 195/50/15s to 205/40/17s and was wondering if you actually need the steering rack limiter, Reading around apparently you don't need it but I'm wanting to get answers from people who have done what I'm going to do,


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They must be needed for something, every fiesta that leaves the factory with 17s on has them fitted, the kit is less than £10 (not sure about fitting, I think they just clip on) and could help prevent damage to your tyres, arches, arch liners etc.

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I would get them fitted for sure.

Scrubbing the tyres while turning is not good for your arches or tyres.

They are easy to fit, just remove the clips holding the rack gaiters in place, clip the limiters in place and reattach the gaiters using the supplied ties.

20 minutes on a ramp and you're done.

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