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ETIS Minor Feature Confusion


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I just bought a 2008 Fiesta Zetec Blue and I will be picking it up next Monday. I was looking through the ETIS website and noticed it had:


  •  Less Telephone
  •  Less Telephone Preparation Pack
  •  Voice Activated Module - British


The dash has the red and green phone buttons but does the 'less telephone' mean I wont be able to use my phone with the car? And what is the Voice Activated Module?


Thanks for you help.

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So it doesn't have sync, but what is the voice activated module? I would imagine it's some kind of voice control system, or am I being too hopeful and it's something exceedingly boring that I wont even notice? It's no big deal if nobody knows because I'll find out when I get the car in a weeks time, but I was just curious.

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Your correct that it's voice control, you press a button on the 'stalk' and basically can say "CD - TRACK SEVEN" and the cd if in will play track seven. Also works for radio and phone. (At least it does on my focus)

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